Dear Policy Holder:

Federal and state laws require we establish a privacy policy and inform you annually of that policy. We want you to know that it is a top priority to protect your privacy. We do collect personal information about you to insure your home, business or property, but do so only for that business purpose. We pledge to maintain the confidentiality of that information. We do not sell, rent or give away the information you have entrusted to us. This notice describes our current privacy policy and practices.


We have strict policies and procedures in place to safeguard the privacy and security of your personal information. Your personal information, including the data contained in our computers, is protected from unauthorized access. Its use is restricted to employees and others have a business need for the information.


The personal information we collect from you and about you is used to provide and service insurance products. This information varies depending upon whether you are our insured or a prospective insured, and the particular insurance product you have purchased or are considering. Examples of personal information we may collect from you or about you include; your name, address, telephone number, and your health, financial and credit history. The information may be obtained from an application or claim form, or it may be acquired from other sources, such as medical forms or reports and credit reporting agencies. We maintain personal information regarding your transactions with Rainier Insurance Company, such as information about all of your insurance policies, claims and premiums. We may request additional information in order to service the insurance products we provide to you.

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