In 1990, Rainier Insurance Company partnered with Red Shield Insurance Company to provide Excess and Surplus business. Based in Portland, Oregon, Rainier’s western regional scope covers the states of Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, (Admitted) and Washington. Our regional focus and size allows us to offer a level of service which requires the least amount of effort from our customers and brokers. Understanding the market, and how business is done in the Pacific Northwest, is critical to the success of Rainier Insurance Company.

We provide regionally based policies written through local insurance brokers that have the expertise their clients deserve. Together, Rainier and Red Shield continue to provide exceptional service by employing honest and diligent employees in all areas of our business. Our conservative philosophy and strong financial position gives us a steady foundation to understand our coverages and how they benefit the marketplace.

Our Strengths

star icon Providing individual risk underwriting by “thinking outside the box” since 1990.
star icon Regionally owned and managed, with a focus on solid underwriting results.
star icon Strong financial positioning, with a long history of combined loss ratios of less than 100%.
star icon Solid relationships with top-rated reinsurance partners who enable us to provide consistent products and fair rates.
star icon Exceptional service through personal evaluation of each risk, with responsive and fair claims handling.